3 Steps to a Positive Perspective

Small Changes Really Add Up

Most things are easier said than done. But, with a positive perspective and an adventurous spirit, you can overcome some of your negative attitudes and outlooks.


Step One: Sourcing the problem

Time for a little self-reflection. What’s causing your negative feelings? Could it be stress or family issues? Perhaps it’s your self-confidence that’s in need of a little boost? When you take the time to sit back and really analyze what’s impacting your life perspective, is when you can truly begin to make a change. Good self-reflection and realization don’t happen overnight, block off time for yourself to begin the process. We suggest spending 10 minutes each day journaling or meditating to get started. Write about what makes you feel confident and self-conscious. The first step to changing a perspective is bringing out the good (and the bad) of your mindset.


Step Two: Create a plan for improving

Now’s the time to begin the work! You’ve spent time reflecting on what’s driving your perspectives through journaling and self-care. Take what you’ve learned and begin to apply it to your life. Set achievable goals for yourself in the beginning. For example, if you struggle with self-confidence, set a goal to wear one item of clothing per week that’s out of your comfort zone. Or if you’re struggling to find motivation, set a goal to complete the project you’ve been putting off for one hour. Don’t forget to record your goals and your successes! After two weeks of your goal setting, review your list. What goals did you knock out of the park? What goals were harder to achieve? Which goals didn’t you achieve at all? Revise your plan to suit your needs by placing a larger focus on the goals you didn’t quite reach. Remember, changing your perspectives is a learning process with the possibility of slip-ups. Don’t let that change your plan! Keep placing goals for yourself each week! Make a list of goals around what’s driving your negative attitude or perspective - then continue to challenge yourself.  


Step Three: Reward yourself for positive attitude changes

With hard work comes reward! Changing your mindset is a tough process but is totally doable when you put in the commitment. Notice the transformation in your perspectives and remember to give yourself the credit you deserve. Are you spending less time thinking about how terrible you “think” you look today? Reward! Did you achieve your weekly goal before week's end? Reward! Did someone else notice something’s a little different with you - and you felt confident in yourself afterward? Double reward! Changing your mindset to include a positive perspective helps you eliminate one more useless worry in your life. With a positive perspective, you spend less time being annoyed with the world around you. Ultimately you have the power to control how you perceive yourself - why not make it the best it can be?


If change were easy, you wouldn’t have to think about it. In reality, change is hard for everyone. With a positive perspective, you can change your entire internal and external view - for the better. All it takes is the dedication and one really good journal!