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Not Your Grandma's Wigs

Say hello to modern synthetic hair styles and products made to keep your wigs always looking their best.

The Wig Lift Difference

Wig Lift Synthetic Wigs are one-of-a-kind looks that have been custom styled by wig expert Linda DiFronzo. 

Wig Lift Synthetic Hair Care products are specially formulated to protect synthetic fibers from breakdown caused by friction and static electricity, prolonging the life of your wig or hairpiece.

All of our products are also fragrance free and great for sensitive scalps!

what our customers are saying

I am so pleased with your wig care products! No more issues with overpowering fragrance! I have several wigs that were really beginning to droop- your products gave them new life and they are actually CLEAN! I've used other high priced wig care products that left my wigs stinking and not really clean. I'm sold! My wigs look like new.

Lee C.

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