5 Steps to Make Accomplishing Your Goals A Little Easier


Whether it’s purchasing a house, running a marathon or pursuing an advanced degree, everyone has monumental goals they’re planning on achieving. It can be challenging to gear up for a major undertaking. Utilize our steps to make planning, doing, and achieving your goals that much easier. 



Before setting out to accomplish something big or small, it a great idea to create a roadmap. Think of it this way -- without directions, people typically waste time finding their way. Cut straight to chipping away at your goal by planning out the necessary steps to get there. Utilize online software if you’re trying to save more money. Or go the classic route and journal your plans. Write down specifically what you want to achieve, then brainstorm some rough steps you’ll need to get there. If you don’t know where to start, talk to a friend or family member. Ask for advice, do your research, and ensure your plan is feasible for your lifestyle. 



With a roadmap in hand, it’s time to structure your daily life around goal achievement. Begin incorporating steps in your week, but don’t pile on everything at once. If your goal is to eat healthier, don’t expect to cut food cravings in just one week. Ensure your goals are reasonable and within an honest timeframe. To keep yourself on track, dedicate one hour per week to stepping stones towards achieving your goals. If your goal is to connect with family members, plan times to contact them throughout your hectic week. If your goal is to save money, choose a handful of free activities that you can enjoy. Goal setting doesn’t mean neglecting things you love about your life. Now, it’s your turn to dedicate yourself to these goals with time and personal effort.



All goals must meet their maker. Time, in this case, is the largest obstacle that you’ll face with your goals. Whether you have too much or too little -- it can be the deciding hurdle for achieving your goals or keeping them as daydreams. Setting deadlines is the most effective way to keep yourself accountable and check off milestones. Make sure your deadlines are measurable and revolve around an honest timeline. You can’t expect to lose 10 pounds in five days, so plan deadlines with realistic expectations. On the flip side, procrastination can play a role in stopping you from achieving your goals. Concrete deadlines make it possible for you to structure your time and kick-off your time and effort.



After you’ve established your deadlines, it’s important to revisit their feasibility. Choose a handful of dates weeks (or even months) before your goal deadline to check-in on your progress. Are you achieving at a higher rate than your original expectation? Are you falling behind? Be open and honest with yourself though it might be frustrating. During this stage, you’re welcome to revise your deadlines to help you meet success. It’s not about the amount of time it takes you to achieve your goals, rather you should be focused on achieving the overarching goal. Make a plan of new steps to reach your goal if you are falling behind, or rely on a friend to help you brainstorm possible avenues of achievement. 



You’ve done it! Congrats! You’ve reached a milestone on your goal. Celebrating your successes revamps your passion for why you started this journey in the first place. However, major goals don’t have just one milestone -- the work continues long after the first taste of success. During this step, take some time to celebrate yourself. Do something you love. Spend time with someone you love. Or just take a break from it all. After a healthy dose of celebrations, it’s time to check another milestone off your list and eventually - you’ll achieve your goal. 


The five steps to making your goals easier can be applied to a number of goals you’re looking to achieve. Milestones should be celebrated, timelines should be revisited, and sometimes goals need to be modified. Above all, it’s important to remember the root cause behind your goal - you. 


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