5 Ways to Push Past Your Hardest Days

You’re going to come out stronger than before


There are days where it's hard to find the sunshine in your life. Don’t let that hold you back! There are a few ways to push past a difficult day and come out better than before.  


Clear your mind

With thoughts, worries, and anxieties rolling around in our mind it can be challenging to focus on anything else. Take time to better your mind. Some doable (and effective) ways to clear your mind include; going for a long walk, meditating for 30 minutes, practicing simple yoga or reading a lighthearted book. Often our overwhelming concerns control us. By clearing your mind, you can begin to take control.


Reach out to your loved ones

It’s what friends and family are for. They’re there for us on our best and worst days. Do what makes you feel the most at ease. If that means giving one of your closest friends a call, shooting a text message to your family members, or writing a note to someone special it’s important to remember we’re not alone in this world.


Create a “don’t” list

While it’s a little different than a “do” list, a “don’t” list is a daily reminder for you to cut out bad habits, overthinking, and overall overwhelming behaviors. Some great starting topics include:

  • Don’t worry about things that you cannot control
  • Don’t turn unhealthy food and drinks when the going gets tough
  • Don’t include toxic people in your life, including those who demand an excessive amount of emotional energy


Revisit what makes you, you

Between visible passions and hidden talents, everyone has something that makes them an individual. How do you self-identify? When someone asks you, “So, who are you?”, how do you honestly respond? Create a list of everything you are, even the seemingly small. It’s important to maintain your identity and challenge yourself to build upon it each day.


Remember that each day's a new opportunity

If life wasn’t filled with ups and downs, we’d always stay in the same place. Those of us who rise to the challenge and push past impossible difficulties find ourselves stronger than most. Every day presents us with a choice - make a conscious decision to better yourself. There will be days where it isn’t the easiest choice and regression is just a part of life. Challenge yourself to be the best version of you that’s prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities.