A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Steps you can take for self-care


It’s been proven that meditation is not only good for your health but can sometimes be better than a good night’s sleep! It’s the ultimate way to connect your mind, soul, and body during a peaceful ritual. Here’s your beginner's guide to getting started:


Select and Time and Place

Choose a space in your home that’s truly your own. A space where interruptions are minimal, and you feel comfortable to relax. We suggest a bedroom or quiet corner of your living room. While most meditation is done in the early morning, choose a time that works with your schedule and you can be most relaxed. Once your time and place are selected, you’re ready to begin.


Breathing Exercises

At its core, meditation revolves around breathing exercises. Take a full breath in, feeling your stomach expand as it fills with air. Count one. Exhale. Count two. Continue this pattern until you reach ten. Once you’ve completed one ten count breathing exercise, begin your second round. Ideally, you’ll complete four to six breathing rituals.


Take it a step further and on your inhale, hold your breath for three seconds. Slowly exhale. Continue on your ten count breathing exercise until you finish the cycle. This cycle should take anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes.



Meditation builds a state of mind. Keep up with your daily meditation ritual to capitalize on your results. Don’t cheat yourself, make meditation a priority in your life. When you spend time dedicated to your mind, body, and soul -- you’ll see positive changes in your overall demeanor.


Nothing is Perfect

Sometimes your mind will wander, you’ll feel antsy, your mind will fill with anxious thoughts. Don’t let this hold you back from completing your meditation. It takes time to develop meditation habits in your mind. Just stick with the routine and continue your breathing exercises. It can be helpful to journal before or after your meditation session. You’ll notice that writing out your worries and anxieties helps your mind put them to rest.  


Commit to Yourself

What do you want to get out of daily meditation? Be upfront with your goals for mediation, so you’re always working towards something. Meditation is helpful to everyone; you just need to find your ideal combination. Don’t get frustrated with your first few sessions. Continue to dedicate yourself to the daily ritual. You’ll notice in time it will become a second habit.


Meditation is a healthy way to connect mind, body, and soul. Challenge yourself to commit 20 to 30 minutes each day. You’ll notice this dedication pays off! Interested in learning more? Follow our blog for regular content delivered right to your inbox.