A Life Lesson: Discover What Makes our Wigs so Important to Women

It’s hard to imagine what wigs can do for women. From the time we are little, we (women) are told how pretty our hair is. We learn how to care for our hair and make it look nice. Hair quickly becomes a strong part of our identity as we grow up. So when a woman loses her hair, it can feel like she is losing part of her identity as something that was once so important to her is now gone. And when she loses her hair without knowing why, it can be very overwhelming to figure out how to deal with not only the hair loss but also how to continue her everyday life.


Which is why we’re sharing this amazing life lesson we learned from a client, Sarah (Sarah isn’t her real name but we’d like to protect her identity).


Meet Sarah, a young student beginning another year of college. With a lively personality and fun-loving attitude, we’ve worked with her for over a year. Sarah has hair loss, but is taking proactive steps to boost hair growth including a variety of treatment options and even some medical trials. Even after years of trying, Sarah’s hair isn’t quite making the progress she had hoped.


Unfortunately, they’re still a lot of stigmas attached to wig wearing. Sarah shared her struggle with self-esteem issues and overall confidence, “I don’t want anyone to know I have a wig.”

She found herself avoiding things she loved, like hanging out with friends, because of her self-esteem. She felt like she was, “...just sitting around waiting for her hair to come back so she could feel like herself again.”


But then, something happened.


Sarah decided to start living her life to the fullest. She made a promise to enjoy the things in life that she loved and not to be held back by her wig. She realized waiting around for something isn’t a positive way to live your life.


Sarah’s sentiment is a valuable life lesson; you make the choice to live your life positively and with purpose. Wasting time on what ifs and why nots is just that - time lost. Sarah found that changing her mindset helped to jumpstart her healing process, not only physically but emotionally as well.


Attitude continues to play an influential role in our daily lives. It can drive us towards success or force us to take two steps back. The best thing about attitude is your ability to control it. Sharing Sarah’s story is our way of influencing positive attitudes. With confidence and positive attitudes, you can influence your success.


And just like Sarah, you can take control of your life and live positively!