Best Products for Thinning Hair

They’re our secret weapon


We know a thing or two about thinning hair. When recommending products, we’re all about the Eufora Thickening Line not only because their products are award winning, but this line really make a difference. We’ve seen amazing success by our clients who use their 5-part system combined with daily non-product treatments. Here’s everything you need to know.


What is Eufora?

Founded in 1997, Eufora was built upon client integrity and natural products designed to make hair better and better with each use. Today, they harbor more than half a dozen product lines that place emphasis on common hair battles like soothing, thickening, nourishment.


How does it work?

The Eufora Thickening Line is a 5-step system designed to work with your daily lifestyle. It begins with the cleansing treatment, a lightweight shampoo with Neem Seed Oil to reduce dryness. Next up is the conditioning treatment, composed of natural oils and vitamins to help smooth hair. Clients can also use their nutritional support, a special supplement taken orally to boost collagen, antioxidants, and keratin.


The scalp treatment is the fourth step in the Eufora regimen. It combines botanical extracts, vitamins, and oils to create a thickening effect that’s sprayed onto the scalp. The final step, thickening serum, is a workable solution applied into damp hair to strength strands and build hair. To activate the thickening serum bust out your blow dryer on medium heat. Once heated, the thickening serum will coat the hair and expand. This builds up each strand and gives your hair a thickening texture. When working as one, these products have a major impact on thinning hair.  


Is Eufora all natural?

Yes! We’re just as excited as you are! All products are made with natural ingredients free of dyes and artificial oils. They’re also a conscious of fair trade and make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. We should also mention that Eufora products are water-free, meaning you’re getting the most concentrated version of active ingredients.


What makes Eufora different?

Eufora is the founder of a special formula, ProAmino Cell Complex. This trademarked ingredient is present within the thickening line and is a natural combination of extracts and amino acids that strengthen and improve the bounce-back power of hair.


What do I need to remember?

  • Never use chemical-based products, they often create a dependence and more hair loss
  • Always consider what’s best for you
  • Give products time to work their magic


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