Channeling Negative Energy into Something Good

When things get tough, put that energy to use!  


Ugh! We’ve all been there. Negative energy can come from internal thoughts and from others, but too much bad news can really have an effect on your mood and perception. Here is how you can convert your negative energy into something productive! 


Let it out, but only for a short time

Sometimes negativity stems from an incident or person. It’s healthy to react to something that upsets you. Just remind yourself this feeling is only temporary, and you will move on. If you need to be mad, be mad! But only for a short time, do not let it consume your week. There is something to be said about being mad and staying mad. Staying mad is usually a choice, choose to react and recover. 


Teaching moment

Taking time to reflect on what negative action affected you can be tough. You’re really not interested in re-living something that made you upset (and who can blame you). Instead, reframe the situation into a teaching moment. Understand what caused this outcome in the first place, then evaluate what can be done differently. Sometimes, there isn’t an easy solution. In this case, find the largest cause of stress. Using negative energy as a teaching moment is very difficult to master. But, with a little practice, it can be done and you’ll be better off.


Realize how it affects others 

Your negative energy can bring down a whole room. To level the positive vibes, take a step back before you say something negative. Do you need to say this? How will this switch the mood? Am I prepared to elaborate on my frustrations to others who might be concerned? Thinking before complaining is one the biggest and most effective things you can do to reduce negative energy. We all have that friend or co-worker that seems to be complaining about this, that and the other thing. We’re willing to bet that affects your overall mood. Taking others into consideration first before you begin your rant is one step to rechanneling your negative energy.


Make a new plan

So, you had a bad experience? Let’s not do that again! Negative energy can stem from a combination of things, find the largest stressor in your life and find ways to reduce your time engaging with the stressor. If you can’t find ways to reduce your time, find ways to better structure your time. If a friend feeds off negative energy, maybe set a complaining limit. We’re fans of mapping out new plans to improve your life. It doesn’t have to be complicated, start by writing down your goals and then include bullet points to help you get there. Don’t worry if you have to start from square one. The important part of the process is defining a new plan for success.


Negativity creeps into our minds every day, our challenge for you is built around refocusing negative energy into something useful. Are you wanting to learn more about building the best version of you? Visit our blog for more tips and tricks.