Getting the Most out of your Mental Energy

Making your days more efficient, one step at a time

When it comes to your to-do list, it can feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day. Things get pushed back, crossed off, and new must-dos are added every day. As you work tirelessly, it feels like you’re not making a dent. The issue might be efficiency versus effort, discover our tips for harvesting your metal energy and crushing your to-do list. 

What is mental energy?

Much like planes, trains, and cars we need fuel to keep us going. Fuel can come in the form of the things we eat, the amount of rest we receive, and anything that makes us feel relaxed and fulfilled. Our mental energy is fueled by a combination of things, but it has one purpose - to give us the ability to achieve at our highest level. Mental energy makes it possible for you to focus on important tasks, complete projects, and do creative thinking. 

Eat healthy & take care of your body

Our mental energy needs to be refueled in order to keep us at the top of our game. Try to make one meal a day just a little bit healthier, drink water, and get plenty of sleep. Sounds a little obvious, right? But many of us are missing out on our full potential because we’re putting the little things on the back burner. Listen to your body and treat it with respect. If you’re not putting good things in then don’t expect greatness is anything you do. Your body and health are always the top priority when it comes to getting the most out of your mental energy. 

Do the hard tasks first

You’ve heard it before - but we’re here to tell you to do the hardest thing on your daily list first. You’ll have the motivation to accomplish and you won’t be cut short for time or energy. While it can be challenging to get out of bed and immediately start the hard stuff, give yourself a chance to warm up. Have a cup of coffee, answer some emails, and get into a good mental state. It’s best to utilize the bulk of your energy on the tasks that have the greatest impact. 

Avoid mind-numbing tasks

When looking for ways to ramp up your mental energy, begin by knocking off pointless tasks. We’re not talking about all the administrative stuff that makes your job a reality - we mean tasks that waste time, effort, and have little results to show. Evaluate your daily routine. Are you doing things that could take half the time? Are their payments you could automate? Is there a faster route you can take to work? Could you sleep longer if you prepared your lunch the night before? All these little time-savers allow you to focus on the tasks that matter, rather than the tasks at hand. 

Practice Creativity Often 

Like busy bees, we tend to complete project after project. Throughout the day, it’s important to take time to practice creativity. It often goes overlooked in our daily life but, being creative gives your mind a chance to think on its feet, come up with new ideas, and potentially harvest your next best idea. It doesn’t have to be anything big, think of it as a brain break from the hard projects we stress about. Keeping yourself creative is anything but a waste of time, it gives your mental energy a chance to spark. 

We use mental energy every day. If we learn to harvest it using efficient and creative-focused methods, our results will only continue to grow. Interested in learning more tips and tricks to make your life a little easier? Follow our blog