Hair Trends You Should Try in 2019

New Year, New Hair!

The holiday season is officially over. Now’s the time to start your research for a new look to match the new year. From trendy colors and cuts to accessories you can’t live without, discover our list of hair tends you need to try in 2019




Blunt bobs

Ignite the starlet in you! Blunt cut bobs are making their way back into the spotlight this year. Usually cut and cropped an inch or two below the ears, these cuts are timeless and are all one length. Consider styling it using a flatiron and heat protectant to get the ultimate sleek and glamorous look.


Curtain Bangs

Alright, this might sound a little dated but celebrities and runway models alike have been rocking this style. It’s ideal for someone with a rounded or heart-shaped face. Or maybe you don’t want to commit to short bangs! Either way, these parted in the middle beauties are here for the year!




Sky Blue

Thanks to Lady Gaga’s appearance at the 2019 Golden Globes, sky blue is the color of the season. Pastels aren’t entirely over yet! Other hit colors include smokey pink, light greys, and even rainbow wigs. If you’re looking for a changeup, consider getting a wig or temporary color before you make the full plunge into pastel hair.


Super Straight

Straight hair is always in, but what about super straight? We’re talking little volume and a whole lot of attitude. Achieve this look through flat ironing your hair and styling it to perfection. Straight hair is also accompanied by the ‘glossy’ hair trend, which takes straight hair up a notch by incorporating styling products that leave hair shiny and flat.




Velvet bows and hair ties

Crushed velvet really shined bright in 2018. This year is no different. Keeping theme with monochromatic outfits, velvet accessories are just one of the things to add to your wardrobe this year. Danity bows can be added to half ponies or go larger with a velvet headband to spice up your typical style.


More is more fun

Accessories can sometimes be standouts on their own, but in 2019 get ready for hair that’s more like a party! Mix and match bobby pins and hair clips. Or treat yourself to an ultra trendy ‘word’ clip, complete with sparkles. If this isn’t quite your style, consider using classy or decorated bobby pins that really stand out.