How to Create a Care Package for Someone Going Through Chemo

Watching someone you love undergo chemotherapy can cause emotional pain. Care packages are one of the ways you can show your support. Not quite sure where to start? Explore our top five things (and bonus gifts!) to include in a care package.

Hair & Scalp Products 

Chemo patients will begin losing their hair soon after treatment starts. During this time, their scalp needs special treatment and nourishment. Consider including some moisturizing sprays and shea butter. Pure shea butter can be applied directly to the scalp after hair loss and adds instant moisturization. Plus, shea butter can be used on the hands, legs, arms, and throughout the surface of the skin to combat dryness. It’s the perfect two-in-one gift. 

Nice Head Scarfs

Our hair provides a protective barrier between snow, rain, sun, and other elements. Shielding the scalp is important, especially if it becomes more exposed as chemotherapy continues. A headscarf that’s fashionable, yet practical will be much appreciated. Consider including one that can be wrapped in multiple different ways. If it’s winter, go for a thicker material that will keep them warm. During the warmer months, a light-weight or breathable/moisture-wicking material will keep them cool. Read up on chemotherapy’s effect on the scalp here

Warm Blanket

Hospitals and clinics often blast the air conditioning, which can make treatment a little chilly for the patient. Including a comfy blanket will give your chemo patient something to snuggle during long sessions. Also, instead of using one from their home, this blanket can be designated for hospital use. In addition to the blanket, including a pair of fuzzy socks will give that all around cozy feeling while receiving treatment. Plus, no one wants cold feet!

Lip Balm & Hydration 

Chemo treatments have some difficult side effects, including dryness. Tuck in a few lip balms to calm their chapped lips. Go all out and get the ones made from natural ingredients or unscented as your friend might be sensitive to smells. Adding in a few extra will make it easier for them to find as they can keep one in their car and in their purse. It’s the ideal add-on for your care package. Tuck in a toothbrush and travel toothpaste, it will help your friend freshen up. You can also include Biotene Oral Rinse - it’s designed to moisturize while combatting bad breath. Tie this hydration package together with a reusable water bottle! They’ll be able to fill it up before, during, and after chemo treatment.    

Something Fun 

They’ll be spending a lot of time in the hospital - give them something to do. Crosswords, puzzles, and portable games are a good place to start. Adult coloring books are very popular and incredibly soothing. Do a little research and including a few books you know they’ll love. Or buy a subscription to a streaming service so they can keep up with all their favorite shows. The point is to provide a little entertainment in their day. 

Pull everything together in a stylish tote that your friend or family member can bring to and from their treatments. When everything has its place it’s one less thing they have to worry about! Are you interested in learning more tips and tricks for dealing with chemo? Visit our blog for more information.