September Hair Trends We're Falling For

Jump into fall head first!

September is here! Step up your seasonal hair game and get on trend with a handful of must-haves for fall. 

Crimps & Waves

You don’t have to wrap up your beachy locks, instead tame them. Uniformed crimps and waves are making a splash this season. To achieve this look, consider purchasing a crimping iron or braid your long waves into ¼ inch sections, dampen them, and let sit overnight. In the morning, carefully remove the braid and set with your favorite shine spray. Consider leaving space between the braids and your scalp to achieve that crimped look similar to Joan Small’s red carpet look.  

Warm, Bronze Tones

Autumn warms the soul. Consider switching up your summer highlights for a warm, overall color. This season, bronze is showing up across the board on celebrities. As total color or just lowlights, bronze and warm toffee tones can work to brighten your complexion, while still complementing the colors of the changing leaves. Check with your stylist to find the perfect color combination that matches your tone and personal style. 

Low Buns & Braids 

Many celebrities have been taking notes from Megan Markel’s playbook! Low, tight buns and ponytails have been spotted on Kim Kardashian and others. However, the best part of this trend you can style the buns and ponytails anyway you like. Choose a middle part and couple it with a low, wavy ponytail. Or slick back the top and create a tight, yet volume-filled bun. The possibilities are truly endless. 


Okay hear us out, bangs of all types are making a comeback. It could be the chilly winds of the season speaking, but we’re all in for this trends. From curtain bangs to mico/baby bangs, dozens of celebrities have been switching up their standard style for something a little more creative. We’ve seen the 70s shag make a hard comeback recently, coupled with oversized bangs make it an idea style for women with strong face shapes (square and oval). If your face shape is more petite, consider baby bangs as seen on Emma Watson to compliment your look without overpowering your style. 

Barrettes as an Accessory

For those of us who don’t want to over-invest in seasonal trends, consider adding just a handful of accessories to your classic look. Celebrity model, Ashely Graham was spotted wearing statement barrettes at this year’s Met Gala. To style barrettes, choose a full ponytail look and add attach them to the sides, almost like your sweeping back your bangs. Other ways of styling include pinning up your hair on the top of your head and add them above your neck and clipping back your hair into a half-updo look. 

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