Simple Ways to Gain a New Perspective


Change the way you view the world

Life with a new perspective can be refreshing. Here’s how you can jump-start your positive perspective and give others advice for changing their own.


Look at the Bigger Picture

We often get wrapped up in the pesky details. While we’re focused on deadlines and dates, we miss the results of our efforts. And more times than not, it’s the smallest details that stress us out. Next time you find yourself overwhelmed, take a step back. Challenge yourself to look a the results rather than the process. What are you working towards? Never lose sight of what your goal was when you started this process. Take into account the critical factors of every goal, then rid yourself of the stressors that don’t change the outcome.


Ask Yourself, “How will this affect me in one month, one year, five years?”

Feeling angry, upset, annoyed? We’ve all been there. Before you do something irrational, ask yourself the question -- how will this affect me in one month, one year, five years? Often our perspectives are skewed by temporary emotions, make an effort to look beyond the feelings. Most of our problems won’t have a lasting impact on our lives. Remind yourself; this is temporary. This will help you control your emotions and build a stable self-perspective.


Reflect on your Blessings

When things go wrong, it’s hard to remember everything that’s gone right. Perspectives are based on emotions, surroundings, and lots of other influencers. Remember to count your blessings. We challenge you to write a bullet point list of everything you love. If it helps, keep it in sight. Maybe on your fridge or in your wallet, somewhere you’ll always have quick access. Don’t let the negativity in life overpower your earned blessings. Sometimes it’s easier to give into negativity but more rewarding to be positive.


Volunteer your Time & Talent

The old saying, a walk in someone else’s shoes, really rings true here! Change your view by volunteering your time (or talent) a few times per month. Volunteer at your local food bank, kids camp, or community center. Have a knack for knitting or baking? Put your talents to work and offer them for free to people in your community. By interacting with others, you’ll be one step closer to seeing life from a new window.  


Be the Role Model

Easier said than done! Work towards being the person that inspires you. What can you do in your life to become a role model not only for others but for yourself? Make a mental list of what you love about your role models and mimic their behavior. When you’re dedicated to changing your perspectives, all else will follow suit.


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