Simple Ways to Restore a Peaceful State of Mind

Life comes at us pretty fast and we can lose track of ourselves. If you ever feel overwhelmed, lost, or just stressed we’ve hand-picked a few ways to help you restore the peace (and maybe some quiet!) back into your life. 


Explore Meditation

You might think meditation isn’t really your thing, but we’re asking you to give a try. Self-guided meditation doesn’t need to be a whole production. It should be 20-30 minutes of reflection and silence in a place where you feel safe, comfortable, and at ease. Explore our Beginner’s Guide to Meditation for guidelines and how to get started. 


Morning meditation works best for people who are ready to start their day with a clean slate, while evening meditation can be better for someone looking to ease stress at the end of the day. Challenge yourself to one week of meditation. Try different times and locations to narrow in on your ideal meditation pattern. The goal of meditation is to welcome peace and balance while reducing stress and negativity.


Low-Cost Spa (or whatever!) Day

A neutral state-of-mind takes effort. After a long week, treat yourself to a spa or whatever makes you happy without blowing your budget. The “treat yourself” mentality can sometimes cause financial strain later down the road! Here are a few ideas for high-impact on a low-budget:


  • Grab some face masks from Sephora or find a few homemade recipes. 
  • Invite your friends over for drinks and pizzas instead of heading downtown. 
  • Make plans for a potluck with family and friends instead of going to a bar.
  • Sell, trade, or donate clothes before going on a shopping spree.
  • FaceTime a long-distance friend for a quick coffee date.


Spend Time Outdoors

Sometimes a little sunshine gives us all the life we need. Whether you’re headed outside for a run or just to spend an afternoon reading in the park, nature can help you reconnect with a peaceful mind. Make an effort to go for a walk during sunsets or call a family member on your lunch break in the sunshine. Being outside makes it easier to appreciate the everyday things in our lives that make it so beautiful - the birds happily chirping, kids playing tag on the grass, the wind rustling in the trees. There is a reason so many relaxation techniques are connected to nature and the beauty of Earth.


Unplug after 8:00 PM

This might be easier said than done! Unplugging from all electronic devices after 8:00 PM sets you up for success tomorrow. It’s easy to get drawn in by a never-ending stream of videos, pictures, and podcasts. Take back your evening relaxation by eliminating the devices that distract us all day long! Bonus - it has been proven the blue LED lights emitted from our phones, computers, and tablets negatively affect your sleep. Cutting out late-night electronics might help you come one step closer to a better night’s sleep. 


Restoring peace and tranquility is an ongoing process because life is a game of give and take. Sometimes, we find ourselves giving too much. Help restore your balance by committing to a solid-state of mind with peace at the foundation.