Staying Cool While Wearing a Wig

As spring dwindles and summer begins, temperatures will start heating up. Take care of your synthetic and human hair wigs this summer by following our tips for keeping cool during warmer months.


Know your Wig

100% hand tied wigs are designed to be lightweight, which makes them ideal for summer wear. Each hair is individually tied into the cap, making it easier for heat to escape between the scalp and the wig. The entire cap is made of a soft mesh material, making it an excellent option for someone prone to sweating or lives in a humid condition. Bonus points, 100% hand tied wigs are the most natural looking!


Use Headline It

Worn by soldiers, baseball players, dancers, and even competitive horse racers, Headline It is one of those products that seem too good to be true. We’re here to tell you -- it’s totally worth it! Place it inside your wig to absorb sweat and moisture without issue. These thin sheets are designed to keep your head and scalp cool while allowing excess moisture to be wicked away. In addition to comfort, Headline It also protects your wig against sweat and odors. You’ll be able to wear it longer in between washes! Read more about this must-see product here.


Cut Back on Sun Exposure

Just like clothing, both human hair and synthetic wigs will fade over time. However, you can prevent your excessive fading by cutting back on prolonged sun exposure. Protect your color by using proper sun protection including hats and scarfs. Consider purchasing a second wig (or using an older wig) for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and swimming. Also, remember that high altitude makes it easier for the sun’s rays to penetrate.


Chlorine is not your Friend

If you have a human hair wig, don’t wear it in the pool. The chlorine and other water chemicals will dry out and damage the hair. That being noted, if you do swim with a wig on (spontaneous pool party, anyone?), remember to wash the wig immediately after swimming using cool water. When washing, use a generous amount of conditioner to rehydrate your wig and restore its shine.


Try a New Summer Hairstyle

Short hair is typically cooler for the summer months, so try something new and stylish! If you’d rather not part with your long wig, consider styles that keep your hair up and off of your back and neck. Use low ponytails, loose braids, buns, and even stylish scarfs to keep hair at bay.

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