Tips for Finding Joy in Each Day

It’s not about perfection!


There are times where life becomes a little overwhelming. Whether that be balancing careers and kids or spending time taking care of your needs, it’s easy to feel let down when the day comes to an end. However, with a little training, changing your state of mind is possible. Here are our tips for finding joy every day, even when it seems impossible.


Discover what perfection means to you

Much like personal preference, perfection is different for everyone. Take time to understand yourself. Are you the type of person who needs a clean space to concentrate? Do you need to finish all your work before relaxing? Are you okay with a few typos here and there? Once you understand your personal level of perfection, it will be easier to accomplish tasks; both large and small. Finding joy is often related to accomplishing something meaningful to us and defining your personal perfection will make jumping that hurdle even easier.


Evaluate your expectations

Joy can be quickly squashed when we set the bar too high for our friends, family, and even co-workers. We’re not saying don’t have expectations of commitments, meetings, and other things. Rather evaluate what is expected of each person. Are these expectations of society or are they internal expectations set by you? Are you expecting people to do things they haven’t been asked to do? These are just a few questions to ask yourself before going into “letdown mode”. Communication is the biggest factor in expectations, make sure yours is on-point each time you’re coordinating with others or groups. When your expectations match the process, it will be easier to not only accomplish the task but find little pockets of joy throughout the day.


Do little things

You’ve heard it before: take time for you! This time we’re challenging you to sprinkle things throughout your day (or evening) that give you a boost! It could be calling a friend on your lunch break, grabbing a cup of coffee from that great shop down the street, setting a reminder to meditate, or anything else that brings you joy! Filling your day with small bursts of happiness is the easiest way to remind you that each day is capable of providing you with joy.


Remember why you started in the first place

Think of the things that bring you happiness. It could be major things, like your family and friends or smaller things, like getting out of work early on a sunny Friday afternoon. It’s important to remind yourself of why you do what you do. What is it that brings you joy? Who are the people in your life that surround you with love? Sometimes a simple mental reminder is all you need to add the spark of joy back into your daily life.


Not every day will be filled with happiness. And every day of happiness cannot last a lifetime. However, challenge yourself to find that spark of joy sometime throughout your day. Are you looking for more interesting lifestyle blogs? Read more tips and tricks on our blog.