Tips for Reducing Your Negativity

Put the good first!


It’s okay to have a bad day, but it’s not okay to have a life filled with toxic negativity. It weighs on your mental state, make your irritable, and affects your closest relationships. With negativity clouding your judgment, it’s harder to move towards your goals. Here’s our list of simple tips for reducing negativity.


The First Step

Notice your negativity in everyday life. Are you acting irritable towards co-workers or friends? Do you find yourself snapping at your significant other for simple annoyances? Does one inconvenience throw your day out of whack? Take note of these daily occurrences. How are you responding to them? It’s time to cut out these behaviors. Only you can change your attitudes, don’t fall into a negativity loop.


Ignore & Replace

Humans mimic their environment, choose to live in an atmosphere of positivity. If this means eliminating (or limiting) certain people from your life, you need to make this change. Seek out friends and companions who radiate positivity, action, and love.


Be Positive

You know the old saying, “look on the bright side”? It might just be the best advice for this one! When things don’t go your way, try and look at the positives of the situation. The most practical way to implement this mindset into your life is to start simple. For example, you just got your credit card information stolen and it’s a real inconvenience. The bright side says, at least your bank notified you quickly. Now, this bright side perspective isn’t foolproof. There are going to be major uphill battles. Just stay focused on what you can control, like your behaviors and actions.


Take Care of You

We preach this all the time, but make time for you every day! Pamper yourself, get some exercise, visit with some friends, take some alone time, and reduce your daily stress levels. When you’re feeling down about yourself, it gets easier for negativity to spill into everything you do. Start with the person that’s most important (hint: it’s you!). Never forget all of your amazing accomplishments, you earned them.



Remember to celebrate your successes. Confidence is a key player in positivity. We know it’s a lot easier to take the negative road. Never forget every day you choose to live positively.


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