Ultimate Friend Activities

Getting social!


Good friends almost always make your day a little better! Bored of your usual routine? Here’s a list of ideas for spending time with friends.


Visit a new place

New experiences are more memorable when you share it with someone else! You’ve been talking about dining at that new restaurant for more than three months, now’s the time to book a reservation. Discover local flavor, a small boutique store, or even a trendy ice cream parlor. Take a tour of a local landmark or bike on a new trail. The point is to encounter new places and experiences, together!


Find a DIY project

Break out all your pinned projects on Pinterest. Hanging flower baskets, handmade macaroons, no sew-pillows? You’re basically an expert now! Maybe you’ve been dying to repaint your walls, nothing makes the time go faster than enlisting one of your friends to help. Get them involved in the project too! After all the projects are done, you can admire your handiwork!


Get active outdoors

Nature is a great way to reconnect and recharge. Plan a day hike with your friend and watch the sunrise. Or pack a lunch and head out on the local bike trail to discover a changing landscape right before your eyes. Looking for something a little simpler? Lace up your tennis shoes for a walk in the park. There are endless possibilities for getting active.


Take a language class

While this might seem like a failed New Year’s resolution goal, learning a new language in a group setting can actually be a great bonding experience. Now, you’ll have someone to run over vocabulary with! Sign up for a local in-person class or sign-up online for virtual lessons. Once you’re fluent, you and your bestie will have to take that trip abroad!


Learn a new recipe

Making homemade pasta sounds like a dream, right? Bust out your kitchen aid mixer and get to work! We challenge you to make the whole meal from scratch. Or discover the world of baking and those beautifully decorated cupcakes you see all over your Facebook feed. And when the flour settles, you can even enjoy your tasty creation.


Take a spa day

Whether it’s an at-home spa day or a full-blown spa experience, the day is about relaxation. Treat yourself to some amazing skincare, massages, or even a hot stone massage. If you’re kicking it at home, get a professional grade nail kit to ensure your manicures look fantastic. Either way, you’re going to be very chill.


Join a book club

Book clubs are built on community, so get involved! See what’s happening in your neighborhood or work alongside your friends to start your own. You’ll love going over plot details and digging deeper into character profiles with other readers. (Just make sure you actually read the book!)


Plan a day trip

Visit another city or plan a day on the water. Set up your must-see list before you head out to ensure you’re not missing anything during your jam-packed day! Visit local restaurants, shops, attractions, coffee joints and so much more. Or go off the grid and head to a state park for a picnic and hike. Make it a weekend if you’re having a blast!


Do a food tour

Designing your own food tour can be a great way to expand your palate. Try to visit places over the lunch hour to avoid a major dinner rush. Order apps, shareable plates, or flights. It can even be fun to keep track of all the places you’ve visited and your ratings. This way, you’ll know where you want to visit again!


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