Winter Hair Trends We Love!

The newest ways to style your winter hair


Don’t hide your hair beneath your hat! Explore some of the year’s best hair trends, tools, and accessories. You’ll be begging to take a walk in the cold with these new looks. Remember, winter can be tough on hair, so make sure you are also taking steps to maintain that moisture!


Visible Roots

Finally, you can skip a few color treatments! Many celebrities have been rocking the two-toned hair for quite some time. While it seems to buck tradition, visible roots are coming back in! Kristen Stuart was seen showcasing her rooted natural dark hair alongside blonde ends. And who could forget Billie Eilish’s signature green roots paired with her dark hair? While you don’t have to go extreme to achieve this look, it will work best on those with colored hair that’s not too similar to their traditional locks. While some trends seem a little odd, this one might be worth giving a try. Besides, add a little color to your roots if you end up not liking the look!


Flipped & High Ponies

A new decade brings trends from the past! Other 90s trends, including scrunchies and wispy bangs, have already made their way back to our personal styles, but this trend is new to 2020. Smooth, sleek, and flipped ponytails are all the rage on the red carpet. Ponytail connoisseur, Ariana Grande, was seen wearing a high flipped ponytail at the 2020 Grammys and she’s not the only one. To best achieve this look, create a tight and smooth ponytail at the crown of your head. Then curl the ends upwards to get the flipped look! Bonus points if you tie it back with a scrunchie. 


Velvet Headbands

A newer trend emerging this winter is the bulky-yet-pretty velvet headband. This puffy accessory (sometimes called a hatband) has been popping up all over Instagram and beyond. Stick to jewel-tone colors to ramp up your winter fashion. Or consider jazzing it up with embellished pearls, glitter, or faux diamonds. Don’t worry about the headband exposing your forehead in an unflattering manner! Many influences are wearing this look with a middle part or with hair framing their face. The possibilities are endless.


Mid-length Styles

Layers have ruled for years, but it’s time to move over for blunt cuts. Mid-length styles are slowly making their way onto runways and movie premiers. One-length hair is anything but boring. See how Chloe Grace Moretz’s hair is filled with volume? Consider trying some of the flattering hairstyles for mid-length and one-length hair: middle parts, long waves, and braids! 


With winter in full swing, there is still plenty of time to try one (or all!) of these trends. Interested in learning more about hairstyles, trends, and must-use products? Visit our blog page for more info and tips!