Your Questions About Wigs: Answered!


Many people have misconceptions about wearing a wig, so here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about wig selection, wig wearing, and wig care!


Will wearing a wig ruin my natural hair?

  • No. Wearing a wig will not damage your own hair. Wearing a wig can actually improve your hair by protecting it from the elements.


Do I need a wig cap?

  • Some people feel more comfortable wearing a wig cap to help minimize slipping, particularly those that do have hair underneath. The hair may be slippery and a wig cap helps to keep the hair in place and provide extra grip for the wig. Wig caps can also help prevent the back of the wig from slipping (especially for those that do not have a pronounced occipital ridge). If that is the case, bobby pins can help add extra security.


Can I wear my wig while cooking and using the oven?

  • If you have a synthetic wig, please be sure not to open the oven, dishwasher, barbecue, or rotisserie devices while wearing your wig. Also, try not to expose the wig to any other heat source, such as a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron. Doing so can permanently damage your wig.


How do I put on my new wig?

  • The front of the wig should sit at your natural hairline (you can easily find this by measuring four fingers above the eyebrows) and the two ear tabs must be centered temple to temple. The ear tabs have metal wires in them that need to be bent towards the face so that the wig hugs the head instead of sticking out from it. The perimeter of the wig should sit behind the ears, not over them. Lastly, Pull the nape of the neck area of the wig all the way down so that it hugs underneath the occipital ridge.


How often should I wash my wig?

  • Synthetic wigs should be washed approximately every 30 wears. If your wig starts to feel dirty sooner than that (especially from sweating or using styling products), then go ahead and wash it! 


Can I use regular hair care styling aids with my new wig?

  • For synthetic wigs, regular hair products can cause a build-up. We recommend Wig Lift Synthetic Hair Care products, which is specially formulated for synthetic hair and can help extend the life of your wig or hairpiece. 

    Keep in mind that you are not washing the hair as frequently, so limit the use of styling products to once a week. Some styling aids (such as Wig Lift Styling Aid) can be reactivated by a light misting of water or Wig Lift Leave-In Conditioner.


What determines the price of a wig?

  • The price of a wig depends on the type of hair used and the way that it is made. Wigs with hand tied sections (monofilament tops or 100% hand tied wigs) are more expensive than machine made wigs due to the time and labor required to make them.


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