After Chemotherapy & Your Scalp

Our recommendations for hair growth


Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed chemotherapy. Hair growth after harsh treatments does take time and dedication -- here’s a  little advice from Best for Less Wigs.


Understand your new hair. After treatment, hair will begin to grow back, but it will be very fine and delicate. Don’t get discouraged! Your hair will go through a metamorphosis that takes time. Compare your growing hair like a new tree. It begins as a fragile stem and through nurturing it will become strong. Your head doesn’t know that you’ve had hair before, which is why it comes back initially as “baby hair.”


As soon as you complete treatment, we suggest incorporating the Eufora Thickening Line (which you can read more about in detail here) into your scalp care routine. Among the product line is the revolutionary Scalp Treatment Spray, a combination of botanical extracts, amino acids, and antioxidants, including aloe vera stem cells, really do wonders for hair growth. We like to think of this product as an “alarm clock,” it wakes up the hair follicles to stimulates growth while nourishing and conditioning during the process! In all seriousness, creating a scalp that is nourished with good circulation is the ideal environment for strong hair growth. So, spray away!


Massage your scalp. This can be done while using the Eufora Scalp Treatment Spray or warmed all-natural coconut oil. Coconut oil is more lightweight than shea butter and provides great results to scalps suffering from dryness (just remember to stop the shea butter after treatment, it’s too thick for new growth hair). Tips for massaging: use your clean fingertips in circular motions and round out all areas of your head including the back of your neck. Massaging is important because it keeps the scalp loose, making it much easier for new hair to push through. However, massage combined with moisturizing is the best option to assist in hair growth. Not only will your hair have an easier time pushing through but it will be rewarded with nourishment afterward! Healthy hair is hard work!


Be persistent. Hair growth doesn’t happen overnight. Remember to take time for your scalp but also yourself. For some, it takes longer than others to see new hair. That’s okay! These things take time. By sticking to your wash, moisturize, and massage routine you’re setting your future hair up for success. Being consistent is key to designing the best environment for your hair to grow, so try your best to stick to the routine.


If you have questions about after chemotherapy hair treatment, products, or advice, feel free to reach out!


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