Tips for Living a Little More Carefree


Uncover what it takes to live simply

We’re all looking for a way to simplify our lives. Between balancing a family, friends, and a career, we’re often caught in the middle of chaos. Discover our tips for incorporating more carefree habits into your lifestyle. 


Most of us use it every day, but social media overload can clutter our mental space. Challenge yourself to not use social media during certain parts of your day, like in the morning or before bed. Social media can also make it harder to ignore feeling inadequate when comparing yourself to others. What carefree people do best is letting go of self-comparisons. Make social media a place where you connect with others, rather than compete for likes. 


Taking time for yourself allows you to recenter and focus on your goals and tasks at hand. Meditation is an ideal way to put yourself above the rest (even just for a few moments) as you find your inner peace. Select a time and place that works for you and commit yourself to incorporating meditation into your weekly schedule. It might be intimating at first, but once you get the hang of finding time for you, it will make all the difference! Discover our beginner’s guide to meditation to get started. 


Between old friends, coworkers, and everything else our schedules fill up pretty quickly. Do you find yourself at the end of the day struggling to find even an hour for yourself? Living carefree means cutting back on plans that are more obligations than entertainment. Stop attending events that don’t bring you any value. Learn the value of saying no, trust us your friends will still want to be your friends even if you skip an evening or two. If you’re looking to transition directly into carefree take things as they come and let plans, events, dinners, and evenings come naturally. You’ll have more fun living stress-free!   


Staying on trend can be a tiring task without an end in sight. Consider cutting back on your fast fashion choices, make purchases that will last, and only consume something trendy if you actually like it. (We’re looking at you, avocado toast!). You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save, both financially and mentally. Without the constant upkeep of searching for the next greatest thing, your focus will be on yourself and the things that really matter in your life.  


Easier said than done! Truth be told, we tend to waste a lot of mental energy predicting what others will think of us. However, few of us have mastered ignoring what everyone says completely. Start small by reminding yourself of your self-worth each and every day. You are worth more than an Instagram post. You are worth more than you think! Do not let yourself doubt and anxieties hold you back from achieving your goals, no matter how small. Test the waters to see what works for you. As long as you’re trying, you’re incorporating carefree living into your life. 

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