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  • Tips for Living a Little More Carefree

    We’re all looking for a way to simplify our lives. Between balancing a family, friends, and a career, we’re often caught in the middle of chaos. Discover our tips for incorporating more carefree habits into your lifestyle.
  • 5 Steps to Make Accomplishing Your Goals A Little Easier

    Whether it’s purchasing a house, running a marathon or pursuing an advanced degree, everyone has monumental goals they’re planning on achieving. It can be challenging to gear up for a major undertaking. Utilize our steps to make planning, doing, and achieving your goals that much easier. 

  • Trendy Summer Hairstyles

    Summer is here! Enjoy the warmer temperatures without having your hair dragging you down. Opt for a new summer style or go big with a bold look that will leave everyone speechless. Discover trendy styles and cuts below.
  • Staying Cool While Wearing a Wig

    As spring dwindles and summer begins, temperatures will start heating up. Take care of your synthetic and human hair wigs this summer by following our tips for keeping cool during warmer months.
  • Choosing a Wig for Your Face Shape

    Before selecting a wig, it’s important to fully understand your face shape. While everyone’s face is a little different, the majority of people will fall into one of the categories below. To uncover your face shape, head to your bathroom with a dry erase marker. Stand in front of the mirror and trace the outline of your face, starting at your hairline, down past your cheekbones, and towards your chin. After, step back and choose the shape that best matches your mirror outline. Check out the listings below to get started.
  • 4 Steps to a Happier Lifestyle

    Living a happier life takes a bit of effort and strategy. Jumpstart your search for everyday happiness below!
  • Wearing a Wig for the First Time

    Wearing a wig might seem a little intimidating, but feelings of confidence and self-realization accompany it. Discover our helpful hints for wearing your first wig.
  • 8 Ways to Add a Fresh Start to Your Year

    The second month of 2019 is almost over already! If you’re still feeling stuck in the same routine, here are a few tips and tricks to help start the year off refreshed and focused.
  • 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

    February 14th is just around the corner! Spread the love this Valentine’s Day by spreading time and connecting with the ones you love. Need some planning ideas? Check out these 5 ways to celebrate.
  • Hair Trends You Should Try in 2019

    The holiday season is officially over. Now’s the time to start your research for a new look to match the new year. From trendy colors and cuts to accessories you can’t live without, discover our list of hair tends you need to try in 2019
  • Setting Goals for the New Year

    2018 went fast! Now’s the time to begin planning your personal roadmap for next year. Begin brainstorming about your future accomplishments, goals, and what you’re most looking forward to in 2019. Follow the tips and tricks below to get started.
  • 3 Tips for Giving this Holiday Season

    With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to begin the hustle and bustle. However, it’s important to take a step back and realize the reason for the season. Giving your time and talent can have a significant impact on someone’s holiday. Here are a few tips to get you started.